7 Day Chakra Cleanse

How would you like to experience a 7-Day Mind, Body and Spirit transformation that will re-align your emotions and your energy centers so that you can manifest your greatest desires?

This 7 Day Chakra Cleanse will help you get unstuck, help you sleep wealthy and help you shed unwanted issues from your tissues. This program will support stunning sleep, radiant skin and the release of waste and weight from the body. This is a cellular cleanse that includes daily content sent straight to your inbox for every day of the cleanse, our Sanoviv cookbook, highest quality supplements (USANA Health Sciences), grocery list and more! Check out the daily content below for the details!

Your 7 Day Program Includes:
Welcome Kit:
Welcome to HealthyGirl’s 7-Day Chakra Cleanse,
Healthy Girl’s 7-Day Chakra,
Welcome Manual,
Healthy Girl’s 7-Day Chakra Suggested Food List,
Healthy Girl’s 7-Day Chakra Suggested Food List (Green Juice),
Sanoviv Cookbook

  • Day 1: Finding Grace + Your 1st Chakra
  • Day 2: Sex, Power and Money + Your 2nd Chakra
  • Day 3: Self-‐Esteem and Personal Power + the 3rd Chakra
  • Day 4: Unconditional Love and the 4th Chakra
  • Day 5: The Fifth Chakra- Your Throat Chakra
  • Day 6: Clarity + Contemplation
  • Day 7: Being Blissful

During this 7-day program you will receive a daily e-mail specific to the goals of that particular day.
To purchase and start your 7 Day Chakra Cleanse please contact me.

Purchase Price: $ 200.00

Beautiful Body Cleanse

Are you ready to free yourself from fear and tension? Would you love to feel an overall sense of incredible lightness wellbeing and alignment? You can live anywhere to participate in our cleanse as it is online! You will join our team of clients and coaches from around the world who are committed to aligned, holistic and authentic living. The Beautiful Body Cleanse™ is a 30-day program designed to lighten your mind, body and spirit and nourish every cell in your body. This program is specifically designed to help you become a clear channel of life force energy.
The program is for those who desire to radiate with the healthiest glow ever, sleep their best, release weight and waste and feel in their best state of health. The program focuses on stepping into your best body ever and radiating beauty and vibrance from the inside out. You feel light, free and clear. You will experience natural harmony inside your body and out. You will feel what it’s like to be peaceful and free.

This program includes our signature Beautiful Body Cleanse E-book, videos, worksheets, recipes and an online forum. The program also includes the world’s highest rated nutritional supplements (USANA Health Sciences) delivered to your door. We invite you to treat yourself and experience your most radiant state of high vibrational living and lightness.

Benefits of The Beautiful Body Cleanse™:

  • Reduce Inflammation in your body
  • Increased radiance and glowing skin
  • Sound Sleep
  • Heightened mental clarity
  • Reduced tension in your cells and in your body
  • Alignment with your true self
  • Fabulous energy throughout the day
  • An overall feeling of ‘lightness’ emotionally, mentally & physically
  • A gentle reminder of what truly matters in life- TIME, LOVE, HEALTH!

Your 30 Day Program Includes:
Welcome Kit: Welcome Beautiful Soul! & Beautiful Foods + Grocery List
Day 1: Introduction to The Beautiful Body Cleanse (content + video)
Day 2: Instructions for The Beautiful Body Cleanse (content + video)
Day 3: Your Beautiful Body Cleanse Supplement Program (content + video)
Day 4: Your Life Force Fridge (content + video)
Day 5: Your Beautiful Body Cleanse Recipes (content + PDF) & Suggested Cookbooks
Day 6: Beautiful Sleep (content + video)
Day 7: The Glycemic Index  (content + video)
Day 8: The Beautiful Body Cleanse Book List (content + PDF) & Suggested Books
Day 9: Movement (content + video)
Day 10: Gorgeous Groceries, Beautiful Foods & Grocery List  (content + PDF)
Day 11: Be Deliciously Radiant & Deliciously Radiant  (content + PDF)
Day 12: Co-creating your amazing week (content + video)
Day 13: Breathing, loving and evolving  (content + video)
Day 14: Delicious Digestion (content + video)
Day 15: Beautiful Money (content)
Day 16: Creating Sacred Space (content + video)
Day 17: Creating an extraordinary life (content)
Day 18: Happy, Healthy Fats (content + video)
Day 19: You are a visionary (content + image)
Day 20: Beautiful Language (content + video)
Day 21: Emotional Fat (content)
Day 22: Self-Love Check In (content)
Day 23: Beautiful Connection (content + video)
Day 24: Beautiful Body Enhancers (content + PDF)
Day 25: Oil Pulling: The Natural Teeth Whitener  (content)
Day 26: Food Combining 101 (content + image)
Day 27: Your Emotional Body (content)
Day 28: Your Body Scan (content)
Day 29: It’s Not About The Food (content)
Day 30: You are COMPLETE (content)

During this 30-day program you will receive a daily e-mail specific to the goals of that particular day.
To purchase and start your 30-day Beautiful Body Cleanse™ please contact me.
Purchase Price: $ 500.00

 7 Day Chakra Cleanse Beautiful Body Cleanse
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