Gestational Diabetes – Part 2

In case you missed it:
– Part 1 What is it and how to test
Let’s Talk About Diet
Now that you know a little bit about Gestational Diabetes, what it is and how to test for it (discussed in part 1), let’s talk about diet.

I mentioned that women diagnosed with GD should always measure your glucose levels fasting and postprandial. In my opinion, if a woman has higher than normal blood sugar numbers, it would be good to measure glucose prior to going to bed to see if the woman needs a snack. I find that in some women, that final reading is the most useful.

As I said before, pregnancy is a naturally insulin resistance stage. During the night fast, when no calories are consumed, the body works harder to prevent insulin from doing its job, so that [...]

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Microbirth – What happens during birth? Webinar

Scientists start to link the way babies are born to health later in life.

Join Mama Tribe Network’s life streaming event and guest panelists Francesca Orlando, NTP, CGP and Linda F. Palmer, DC to discuss the film MICROBIRTH and the Q&A session to follow in February 21, 2015 in San Diego.


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The Roles Of Bacteria In Our Body

We are 90% bacterial and 10% mammalian. We have more microorganisms living within us than we have cells in our body.

The newest research that explores the micro-biome is making gigantic advances, and now more than ever science is focusing on the integrity and diversity (or lack of thereof) of our bacteria.

Most autoimmune diseases like type-1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, MS and the obesity epidemics are steady on the rise, and scientific studies show that there is a common component in all of these disease: a change in the micro-biome.
Numerous studies are even linking autoimmune conditions directly to lack of healthy bacteria in our gut.

People living in civilized countries have 1/3 of the bacteria of people living in primitive societies, who are not affected by the disease of modern man.

Babies are born with a sterile gut (though some initial research [...]

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Gestational Diabetes – Part 1

What it is and how to test?
Gestational Diabetes is a condition characterized by higher than normal blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

Before I talk about GD, I think it is important to say that pregnancy is a insulin resistance stage. In simple terms, this means that the body of a pregnant woman (as well as the placenta) is programmed to destroy some of the circulating insulin. Insulin is the hormone that carries glucose away from the blood stream and into the tissue. During pregnancy, certain hormones produced by the mother, and certain hormones produced by the placenta inactivate insulin so that more glucose is available to the fetus for growth.

This is a natural physiological state. Remember that our species has evolved during some 77,000 generations going through famines and food scarcity, interrupted by times of feast following a kill. [...]

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