A La Carte Wellness Sessions

Seeking a more flexible approach to wellness?

Our A La Carte Wellness Sessions are designed for individuals who prefer less extensive support but still crave expert guidance.

For those who require less comprehensive support or have specific, targeted needs, our A La Carte Wellness Sessions are the perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for occasional guidance, have a specific health concern, or simply prefer a more flexible approach, this offering is tailored for you.

Why It’s Impactful

✔ Flexible and Tailored – Select sessions based on your unique requirements. No need to commit to a full package; choose what suits your current needs.

✔ Efficient Support – Each session is designed to provide focused guidance, making it ideal for individuals who need expert advice without the commitment of a longer-term package.

✔ Budget-Friendly – Our A La Carte Wellness Sessions offer a cost-effective option for those who need less support or coaching. Pay for the sessions you need, when you need them.

Initial Consultation

$300 Duration: 1-1.5 hours During the initial consultation, we will review your 5-day food journal and discuss your lifestyle, family history, and health concerns. Together, we will work towards restoring your optimal health. This consultation includes a personalized meal plan, recipes, and lifestyle recommendations.

Follow-up Appointments

$150 Recommended timing: 3-6 weeks after the initial consultation. Follow-up appointments are essential to assess your progress and adjust your eating plan and supplemental regimen.

Email Coaching

$200/month (for a la carte clients). If you require ongoing support, our email coaching service is available. With unlimited email correspondence, we will provide guidance and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Ready to take a more tailored and flexible approach to your wellness journey? 

Our A La Carte Wellness Sessions are here to support you on your terms. Let’s start crafting your personalized path to well-being!

Take the First Step

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All I can say is wow. Not only did Francesca completely knock it out of the park, she became someone I looked forward to chatting with on a daily basis.

I was really struggling with hormone imbalances and gut issues, and after my doctor told me that I was “fine”, I knew something was up. I found Francesca and immediately liked her flexibility to meet with me, and her vast knowledge of supplementation and why things weren’t working properly in my body. I signed on with her right away.

We worked together for 3 months, using supplementation and minor tweaks in my diet that allowed me to experience ZERO premenstrual symptoms, healthy bathroom visits, and an overall leveled out mood around my menstrual cycle. I was also suffering from extreme fatigue, and boy did she clear that up as well. I am sleeping like a rock, wake up feeling energized (even if I don’t get enough hours of sleep), not craving unhealthy foods, have regular BM, little to know anxiety (which is something I’ve struggled with my whole life) and ZERO stomach cramping.

I struggled with cramping in my stomach for almost 10 years. No one has been able to figure out what was wrong, or even took the time to help me. I can’t thank Francesca enough for her patience, her knowledge, and her confidence in natural supplementation and diet to heal my ailments! If you are ever wondering if she is the right fit… don’t look elsewhere! She is the real deal!!

Emily Pacillo

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