If you’re a serious athlete or tennis player, you’ve most likely heard of “Superman,” Novak Djokovic, the currently ranked number one tennis player in the world with 12310 points. Andy Murray follows him with 9360.

In 2010, despite showing exceptional promise, Djokovic was struggling on the tennis court with dizziness and shortness of breath. A doctor in his native Serbia saw his behavior on the court via television and contacted him to recommend a physical and a change in diet.  After starting a strict gluten-free diet, Djokovic’s game completely changed. In just a few months, he reached the number one spot in the world. You can read ESPN’s “Freak of Nurture: Has Novak Djokovik Harnessed the Untapped Powers of His Body?” at ESPN’s Tennis website.

Thanks to Djokovic and other famous “gluten-free” and “primal diet” athletes, I have no difficulty getting [...]