Genetic Testing for Weight Loss—My Progress Update

Last month, I posed the question, “Are you ready to try genetic testing for weight loss?” An exciting development, we can now unlock our genetic information as it pertains to weight and fitness. One company, Genetic Directions is working with practitioners to help individuals like you use that information to gain a competitive edge in sustainable weight loss.

If you’re curious about how this process works, you can check out the breakdown here.

I’m so enthusiastic about Genetic Direction’s platform because the benefits of understating your unique genetic code far surpass weight loss. It helps lay foundation to long-term health. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, maximize your workout routine, or want to ensure you intake enough nutrients, genetic testing is advantageous for everyone.

That includes me.

In all areas of my work, I practice what I preach. That includes [...]

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Are You Ready to Try Genetic Testing for Weight Loss?

View The Webinar: Genetic Testing for Weight Loss
Now we have unique insights to build customized diets that actually achieve sustainable results!


No two individuals are the same. Each of us has our own unique genetic code. While we have known this for years as it applies to specific conditions, genetic testing is now the key for obtaining and maintaining optimal weight and establishing a healthy relationship with food and exercise once and for all.

Sally endorses the Atkins diet. Melissa advocates for early morning running. Sam swears off carbs completely, convinced each time she looks at a baguette she gains five pounds. Then there’s Jen who seems to only eat carbs while maintaining her perfect figure. A quick jaunt down the diet section of the bookstore produces at least a dozen more methodologies, all with stunning reviews.

Whereas you’ve tried them all, and [...]

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All Things Crunchy – Leaky Gut 101 – Google Hangout

Join Francesca and MJ from All Things Crunchy as they discuss Leaky Gut 101.

You’ll learn about all the different factors that impact your health, from stress, to toxins to allergies and more. This event was brought to you by the Mama Tribe Network.

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You Are What You Eat

“You are what you eat”. We hear this more and more these days. But are you really “just” what you eat? Not really, the digestive process is a complex one and digestive issues are abundant in our society today. The cleanest diet won’t do you any good if you cannot properly break food down and assimilate nutrients.

Take a trip through the digestive system, and see where the magic happens. We will take it from the top, the brain, going through the mouth and moving down through the esophagus and into the stomach, the small and large intestine and out through the anus.

The things can go wrong at any point in the digestive system and what happens “north of the process” will have a cascading effect on the organs located south.

Did you know, for example, that not chewing enough has [...]

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My Raw Fed Companions

Just as we humans were not made to run on soda and junk food, our pets were not made to run on kibble. In this country the incidence of cancers and auto-immune disease in domestic animals has reached epic proportions. Only a few decades ago, these conditions were unheard of in animals. I am sure that nutrition plays an important role.

I firmly believe in a species-appropriate diet, both for our pets and for our livestock. The pet food industry would have us believe that their products provide perfect nutrition for every single pet, regardless of the needs of an individual animal. Yet again we are talking about highly processed “pseudo-food” stripped of all the nutrients, enzymes and vital energy that nature provided, and enriched with a handful of synthetic vitamins and minerals. That iss why I feed my dogs and my [...]

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Gestational Diabetes – Webinar

A Whole Foods Approach

Listen in to Francesca’s discussion with Semi-Crunchy Mama Stacy. Learn how to lower your risk and what you can do to prevent or control gestational diabetes.

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The Best Grass-fed Meats for Christmas!

Merry Christmas Friends!

With the big day less than a week away, I wanted to make sure you have the resources you need to stay within your values while preparing your amazing feast for family and friends.

I am a spiritual person, and I feel a deep connection between myself and the animals I eat. I honor their life; I give thanks for my food and I only eat humanely raised and slaughtered animals.

But spiritual concerns are not the only motivation for the meats I choose. When compared with corn-raised, feed-lot beef, grass-fed beef has:

Less total fat
More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids
More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that’s thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks
More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E

The Mayo Clinic even goes so far as to say that grass-fed beef can be a [...]

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Food and Depression

I am blessed to be able to help many clients affected by mental illness. It is amazing to see how powerfully food and behavior are linked.

People are led to believe that mood disorders are idiopathic, meaning that there is no cause and that the solution is to be prescribed one, or even a cocktail, of prescription medication.

The first thing to understand is that depression is not caused by a deficiency in Prozac, the same way ADD is not caused by a deficiency of Adderral or other psychostimulants.

While there can be a place for psychotropic drugs, treatment should always include nutritional support and psychotherapy.

According to the CDC “nearly 20% of our adult population is on some kind of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, or antidepressants. Even scarier, is the fact that the use of these same medications in on the rise [...]

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Healthy Indulgence At Thanksgiving

Dear friends of Healthful Living,

I would like to wish you all a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday season. This year, I would like to help you indulge without paying the price later!

Check out my plan:

Breakfast:  Pumpkin Pie. You read correctly: pie for breakfast!
Pumpkin pie – Try my wonderful pumpkin pie recipe, same great flavor, but much healthier ingredients.

Now, off to walk the dogs, take the kids to the park, play on the swings, have a game of catch. Be active and burn off some of that natural sugar!

Lunch Time – You may be tempted to skip lunch altogether. Please don’t. Skipping lunch will put your body in starvation mode and you will be tempted to either eat while cooking or overeat during dinner. Have a light lunch instead: a cup of soup and a salad, some olives and [...]

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FOOD FIGHT and Healthful Living

My name is Chris Taylor and I have directed a documentary about food culture in America called FOOD FIGHT. Francesca was nice enough to list it in her “Recommended Documentaries” and I am grateful for that, because I know the people logging into “Healthful Living San Diego” will share the same beliefs I do about locally grown, organic, sustainable food. Since the film is listed here (along with a number of other excellent food films) I thought I would add a little bit of information about it.

I will start by answering the two most important questions that you might have about FOOD FIGHT: 1)What’s it about? And 2) Why did you make it?

The fight in FOOD FIGHT is between two food cultures. One arose out of WWII, and used WWII technology to create an industrial packaged food system that [...]

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