The Role of Supplements in Healthy Living

Despite the efforts in the organic community, our food supply has fewer nutrients than 100 or even 50 years ago. The transition to industrial food production drastically altered our soil and water supply, stripping them of the life giving nutrients that nourished generations before us. As a result, the presence of key micro nutrients is much diminished.

Without access to nutrient-rich soil and clean water, our food supply suffers.

While we can now obtain foods that are free from toxic chemicals and pesticides, I am afraid that not even the best organic practices will give us back the quality soil and water we had 100 years ago. This means that the we may not get all of the necessary nutrients at each meal.

This is where supplements can fill the gap.

Tailoring Supplements to Meet Your Needs

For the majority of healthy individuals enjoying an organic and wholesome diet, I recommend a basic regimen of multivitamin, omega 3 fatty acids, and probiotics. This counteracts the lack of micro nutrients, fish, and fermented food in most meal plans, all of which have key nutritional elements.

The truth is that most individuals are in optimal health. From frequent headaches to troublesome digestion to fatigue, the average person finds himself or herself fighting some type of ailment. You can find the specifics by browsing through their medicine cabinet. The Mayo Clinic did just that, discovering that 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication. 50% of Americans are on two prescription medications, and 20% takes a whopping five prescription medications.

Yikes! This is the result of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and all our “innovations” in food production—medicine cabinets lined with prescriptions.

In order to adequately address these ailments, it’s important to first address the causes. While I advocate the use of food as medicine, I recognize the importance of supplemental nutrition to fill specific gaps in your diet.

Replacing Prescriptions With Nutrition

Despite the advertising from profit-driven pharmaceutical companies, you can replace the majority of your prescription medication with a nutrient dense diet and targeted nutriceuticals. In fact, this is the best way to actually heal the body’s different ailments.

Too often we leave a doctor’s appointment with a laundry list of prescription medications, covering everything from hormones to anti-inflammatories. It’s well intentioned, but sadly it is only a Band-Aid approach.

For example, if your thyroid is imbalanced and under producing hormones, you may be prescribed hormone replacement therapy. Basically, you can take a pill to replace the work of the thyroid, and provide your body with hormone(s). Unfortunately, this approach does not find or correct the root cause(s) of the thyroid imbalance. You must know that the thyroid makes one hormone in inactive form (T4), which is converted in the active form (T3) in the liver (estimated 40%) and in the gut (estimated 20%), as well as other organs.  The conversion is dependent upon nutrients, namely selenium, zinc, and iron. If your thyroid issues stem from micro nutrient deficiency, caused by a poor diet, or a leaky gut, or stressed liver, it would make sense to work on the root cause, and provide the body what it needs for healthy functioning. Why take a hormone in pill form, if what is needed are nutrients to allow the body to make its own hormones and conversions? Long term, you aren’t giving your body a chance to heal and you are hindering its ability to work optimally without having to depend on a pharmaceutical drug. Wouldn’t the better approach be to give the thyroid the raw materials (nutrients) necessary to produce the hormone?

You can with a diet and nutrition-based approach.

Once you start to realize the sheer power of using nutrition to define healthy living, you’ll join the growing number of Americans telling the high-profit, low-service pharmaceutical industry to take a hike.

Using the Highest Quality Supplements

Just like how not all food is created equal, especially when comparing more wholesome organic fruits to mass produced and modified produce, not all supplements are created equal. With the rise of popularity of supplements and other diet additives in the health market, many low-quality companies have entered the arena to take a cut of the revenue.

Poorly made supplements don’t give your body the nutrient dense building blocks it craves.

Individuals striving to restore and boost health need an option that is based on the most cutting-edge science. That’s why I’ve started offering USANA supplements. USANA has been a pioneer in the nutrition scene. Their products are based entirely on science and research to create the most effective supplement for you.

Rather than trying to capitalize on the latest fad or build up unnecessary hype, this company has steadily built up their research-based products over the last twenty-five years. USANA works with top-of-the-line researchers and nutritionists to make sure everything they put their name on is high quality. Over 90% of USANA products is created in-house, ensuring the quality and caliber of ingredients that goes into every item.

I don’t recommend companies lightly. Due to their extensive research-based process and longevity in providing the highest caliber products, I’ve decided not only to recommend them to clients, but to also use their supplements myself.

Redefine Your Health Today

Regardless, if you are looking to fill the nutrient and vitamin gaps in your current diet or are looking for a more substantial approach to a healthier life, together we can help you achieve your health goals.

If you’re really looking to pinpoint the exact supplements your body needs, consider exploring genetic testing through Genetic Direction.

With this tool, we can identify your unique chemical makeup and possible genetic-driven nutrient deficiencies. This revolutionary approach to health gives you the ability to align your diet and workout regimen based on what your body responds to best. We also get a clear picture of which nutrients your body either doesn’t adequately create or might not absorb correctly. With that, you’ll have an even better picture of the most beneficial supplements to use for your unique health journey.

USANA offers a Free Online Health Assessment, and I will extend my practitioner discount to all my clients who purchase through my online dispensary

Contact me today to start!

Edited to add: check out this article for the review of the best probiotic supplements on the market!

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