We are 90% bacterial and 10% mammalian. We have more microorganisms living within us than we have cells in our body.

The newest research that explores the micro-biome is making gigantic advances, and now more than ever science is focusing on the integrity and diversity (or lack of thereof) of our bacteria.

Most autoimmune diseases like type-1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, MS and the obesity epidemics are steady on the rise, and scientific studies show that there is a common component in all of these disease: a change in the micro-biome.
Numerous studies are even linking autoimmune conditions directly to lack of healthy bacteria in our gut.

People living in civilized countries have 1/3 of the bacteria of people living in primitive societies, who are not affected by the disease of modern man.

Babies are born with a sterile gut (though some initial research shows that there may be exposure to bacteria in the placenta to a certain extent) and they receive their first mouthful of bacteria as the descend the birth canal.
This fantastic documentary shows how the raise in cesarian births is one of the causes of this drastic changes in our micro-biome.

Join me at the screening of this amazing scientific documentary (or schedule an appointment) to learn what functions bacteria has in our body, how nutrition can affect the health or lack of thereof of our bacteria, and how to establish it and preserve even if you have to have a c-section or repeated course of antibiotics and other drugs that alter the composition of our flora.



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