If you are currently using proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium, Prilosec or Prevacid and planning to be on them long term, your health is at risk.

In 2010, the FDD issued a statement informing people of the increased health risks associated with long-term use of proton pump inhibitors, including links to risk of bone fractures. There has also been association with increased heart risk.

This is most likely news to you.

It’s one of those secrets the big pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars in advertising every year to distract you from. It makes sense. To date, Prilosec has served 27 million patients. When patients stay on this medicine for decades, they sit on one of the most lucrative products out there.

AstroZenica, the maker of Prilosec and the successor drug Nexium, annually see returns of $4 billion for Nexium alone. Needless to say, the mentality of getting people on their drugs and keeping them there is a lucrative endeavor.

There is also the lingering question as to why it took the FDA 20 years to look into the long-term effects of proton pump inhibitors. Perhaps they were also distracted by the glamorous marketing campaigns. Either way, the good news is that they have started to act with the best interests of the consumer by looking into this. Maybe someday soon we will have concrete research studying their impact when used for longer than six weeks.

It’s time to take control of your health. Don’t risk your health to further fuel financial gains for the pharmaceutical companies!

Instead, leverage the powerful healing affects of nutrition and food to treat your acid reflux or GERD. Compared to the proton pump inhibitors, using an alternative method such as nutrition works to actually address the cause of your symptoms.

The drugs are solely designed to temporarily subdue symptoms. They are often times referenced as acid blockers as they “block” the production of acid in the stomach. While this temporarily stops the burning sensation in the esophagus, it alters the stomach environment. Stomach acid is essential for natural body processes, particularly for other aspects of digestion.

Proper use of these drugs should be to temporarily manage symptoms while you adjust your diet and lifestyle to treat the root causes. Unfortunately many doctors today prescribe them without informing patients on proper ways to address the issues long term.

Clients come to me having used acid blockers for years, some even decades.

Blocking the production of stomach acid, partially for a long time, negatively impacts your overall health.

There are steps we can take to not only manage but actually treat your GERD or acid reflux disease. These natural steps limit the initial need for drugs, with the long-term plan to remove them from your routine.

We start with removing pro inflammatory foods that positively alter the PH of your stomach. These foods tend to be triggers or aggravate the symptoms you suffer from. Removing them enhances your ability to process food correctly. Damaging foods include refined foods such as white sugar and flour. Even some medications such as birth control or steroids fall into this category as well.

Next we focus on healing foods. Once we remove the elements that either directly impact or accelerate your symptoms, healing foods such as cabbage juice, vitamin U, chlorophyll and other gastro protectants start to repair the digestive system. For clients that have been on acid blockers for years, we always have to work to repair damage specific to the extensive use of the drugs.

Depending on your unique situation, there are several different diets that target the specific causes of GERD and acid reflux. Each varies in intensity, from a refined autoimmune diet to Paleo to the intensive GAPS protocol.

Health involves more than food. We pair diet adjustments with lifestyle adjustments. The manner in which you eat, the activity you are doing and stress all impact your digestive system.

Remember, the body is a machine where all the components work together to accomplish what you are doing. For example, when you are driving, your body expels energy to ensure you complete that task correctly. When you drive while eating, the body divides energy between the two tasks, which results in a poorer completion of the task.

If you are looking to forgo the prescription Band-Aid and pharmaceutical rat race for a natural alternative that treats your symptoms, contact me today. At Healthful Living we teach a holistic view of health that leverages nutrition and lifestyle adjustments to put you on the path to optimal wellbeing.

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