I want you to think about your body for a moment. You entered the world around 8lbs and have grown to a fully developed adult. Right now there are over 37.2 trillion cells making up all the major and minor players completing your necessary functions. Your bones, organs, tissues, nerves, and more have all grown from the time you were born into the complete system you have today.

How did you accomplish that feat?

You nourished the body through nutrition and nutrients, also known as food. The body processed this, digested it, pulled the nutrients out and created everything that makes you who you are. This happened through the continual process of eating, processing, and digesting food.

Which means your entire body is created by the food you eat.

Not only does the food you eat give your body fuel to energize you, it impacts all aspects of nourishing your health. The body continually works to renew itself:

  • Every 7 years we have a new skeletal system;
  • Every 3 days the body recreates a mucus lining for the small intestine;
  • Every few weeks you have a new coat of skin.

So if food did all the work to create who you are today, continually fueling the renewal process, why are we ignoring the powerful effects when it comes to healing you?

Despite the incredible power that food accomplished to create you, it is continually overlooked in modern medicine. Instead, this factory conveyer belt pumps you full of medicines and sends you on your way, failing to look at all the factors impacting your health or less invasive ways to restore your body to its natural rhythm.

Or worse, it puts you on a long-term prescription for drugs that can cause harm after a few short months.

Instead look to the natural resources of your body and the fuel that drives it to restore your optimal health. Unless we have altered it and eroded the natural components replacing them with autoimmune diseases, the body has the ability to heal itself.

You just need to give it the right raw materials.

Many of today’s prevailing diseases can be addressed through diet modifications and lifestyle changes. For Acid Reflux, we start by removing dark chocolates, spicy foods, caffeine, oranges, and other triggers. We then work to balance the PH of your stomach, introducing healing elements such as cabbage juice, vitamin U, chlorophyll, and other gastro protectants to start to repair the digestive system.

High cholesterol healing starts with introducing an anti-inflammatory diet. Heart conditions need diets robust with high-quality amino acids. Repairing the causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome means removing of foods full of toxins.

From autoimmune diseases to learning disabilities to digestive distress to depression and more, transitioning to a nourishing diet has two powerful side outcomes. It stops the discomfort and pain while increasing overall health, energy, and brain function.

All because you included diet in your overall view of health and prescriptions.

Additionally, this creates long-term success. The majority of mainstream medications issued by our conveyor belt medicine system are not designed for prolonged use. Diet, on the other hand, is essential to living. When you leverage it to increase your overall health, the benefits are monumental.

As a general guideline, I personally recommend the Paleo Diet (with grain-free, grass-fed beef) for everyone. It’s a great place to start to alter your health.

But it’s a cookie cutter solution. Each of our bodies has different genetic makeup, which means they respond to food differently. Add to that, if you have already done damage and are suffering the symptoms of autoimmune diseases, then you need to work on repairing. This is where a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner comes in.

Together we can create a custom diet tailored to your specific makeup.

Most of my clients have suffered for years as well as done damage to their systems for decades. Together we remove the components of your diet causing inflammation or irritation. Once removed, we work to repair the damage. Then we build a custom diet that helps you achieve optimal health.

I give you the tools, education, and power to take control over your health.

Some practitioners print stale, out-of-the-box diets and try to pass them onto clients. I can promise that you won’t find that here. I only provide custom solutions designed to target your specific systems, complement your unique body makeup, and work with your lifestyle.

See the difference yourself with a free 15-minute consultation.

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