Last month, I posed the question, “Are you ready to try genetic testing for weight loss?” An exciting development, we can now unlock our genetic information as it pertains to weight and fitness. One company, Genetic Directions is working with practitioners to help individuals like you use that information to gain a competitive edge in sustainable weight loss.

If you’re curious about how this process works, you can check out the breakdown here.

I’m so enthusiastic about Genetic Direction’s platform because the benefits of understating your unique genetic code far surpass weight loss. It helps lay foundation to long-term health. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, maximize your workout routine, or want to ensure you intake enough nutrients, genetic testing is advantageous for everyone.

That includes me.

In all areas of my work, I practice what I preach. That includes taking the plunge into genetic testing myself. Luckily, the timing was great. Between you and me, I was still working on losing the last 5 lbs. of baby weight. What better time to unlock the secrets behind my unique genetic makeup.

Just under two months ago, I sent in my DNA swab. Three weeks later, I held my personal results in my hand.


My Results

As you can imagine, the genetic results are a fairly robust report. I’m going to narrow in on the most surprising insights.

First, in regards to weight loss, my body responds better to anaerobic exercise compared to aerobic exercise. This means when pursuing dropping a few pounds, weight lifting goes a long way to trimming up.

The most interesting piece came in the micro nutrient section. Genetically speaking, I am prone to being deficient in a few different nutrients, particularly folate.

While there were a lot of insights in the report, these two were the most actionable for me. The report highlights what foods and type of exercise “pleases my genes.” It doesn’t account for all the other benefits of different health measures.


Applying Changes

I started with adjusting my workout routine. Switching from a 60-minute run, I now build my exercise around 30 minutes of running and 30 minutes of strength and conditioning. To address my micronutrients tendencies, I built in whole foods supplements into my diet.

While the report is scientific, applying changes is an art. It would be easy to over adjust based on the findings. For example, I could have easily switched my entire workout to weight lifting, thus losing the cardiovascular benefits brought by aerobic exercise, and risking making myself prone for overuse. In essence, too much of a good thing…

Ultimately, I did lose the last 5 lbs. of baby weight. With my new regimen based off of my specific genes, I know that I have a competitive edge in approaching my overall health.


Balancing Findings

At the end of the day, genetic testing results are just one tool in the entire toolbox to achieving optimal health. It just so happens that this tool is highly sophisticated and exceptionally personalized.

The report by itself though cannot take into consideration other aspects of health, from stages of life to specific conditions/diseases. For example, in modifying my diet based on the results of my genetic testing, I needed to account for the fact that I am still breastfeeding.

While the report analyzes my genes, it doesn’t consider all the factors of my life.

That’s why it’s important to review the results with a trained nutritionist.

In tailoring a plan based on the results, you need to implement suggested changes while addressing current health conditions and lifestyle factors, basically everything that it is not linked to genes and genetic. By partnering with me, together we can use this test to not only help you shed reluctant weight, we can lay the foundation to achieving optimal health.


Coming Soon – Unlocking the Secrets of Aging

In September, Genetic Direction will launch an entire new program that analyzes how your genes impact aging. Today, the average adult between 50-65 is on four different daily medications. If you are looking to sidestep that path, opting instead to vibrantly sail into the golden years, then this test will help unlock the roadmap to aging with flair.

Contact me today to reserve your spot.

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