For centuries we’ve been fascinated with the idea of unlocking longevity and extending our lives. We’ve all heard the tales of explorers pursuing the fountain of youth. While seeking out a water source that prolongs life may seem unlikely, our society is still seeking solutions to aging.

In fact, this market continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. The anti-aging market is estimated to be worth $197 billon.

Fundamentally, the desire to prolong life is human. It’s not new, and it’s unlikely to change any time soon. Unfortunately, much of the market is filled with toxic creams or worthless pills with empty promises of grandeur.

What if I told you there was a solution to aging more gracefully?

There is, although you are unlikely to find it in the medicine or beauty aisle.

The information is in your genes.

Genetic Testing for Healthy Aging

I’ll warn you, this approach is no fountain of youth. Despite our desire for a miracle pill in the health world, it will never happen.

Instead, genetic testing for healthy aging can unlock specific information related to how your unique chemical makeup approaches aging. It gives you a roadmap to creating a lifestyle that facilitates healthy aging.

Launching in December, Genetic Direction’s Renew product will reveal the science behind your unique path to aging. By measuring your gene’s responses to various aging influences, you can tailor your lifestyle to better meet the demands of daily life.

The test breaks the tested genes into three categories: look, feel, and function. Look genes include the skin’s sensitivity to sun, proneness for stretchmarks, body composition, and more. Feel consists of your body’s predisposition to stimulus, control, sleep, sugar intake, and more. Function covers longevity-focused genes, such as cognitive capabilities, kidney health, age related hearing loss, cholesterol, and more.

By analyzing hundreds of your genes, this comprehensive report boils down the science of aging into an easy to discern report. Each of the functions within each category will be listed along with your body’s rating. They range from favorable to improved to below average. Don’t worry, that will just be a snapshot. The results will also go into each category function, outlining how the genes impact that function and what the assigned category means.

While it all sounds technical, it’s a very easy to read report. More importantly, it’s your unique guide to creating your own “fountain of youth” so to say.

Using the Results

As you can imagine, the report will be a lot of information to go through. While it goes above and beyond to unlock the science behind your body’s approach to aging, there’s one missing step: the action plan.

By working with a nutritionist, you can take all of the information in your report and create a lifestyle designed specifically to work with your genes and enhance the body’s ability to age well.

Fight the body’s disposition to sag with a collagen rich diet. Dark green vegetables, green teas, and antioxidants help keep your skin firm. Bone broths and gelatins can give your skin that desired glow, leaving the lotions and potions at the supermarket along with their false promises. Omega rich organic salmon and blueberries can help keep your mental skills sharp.

By creating a diet, vitamin supplement, and exercise lifestyle based on your specific needs, you can redefine your body’s approach to aging. Additionally, you will spend the years leading to retirement healthier, happier, and stronger.

It will be harder than opting for the continuous line of anti-aging creams, yet the results will truly be life defining.

Reversing the New Normal

Perhaps one of the reasons that the anti-aging market continues to undergo exponential growth comes down to the fact that many in their golden years don’t make the prospect of old age very appealing. AARP reported that the average American over 65 took four daily prescriptions. Georgetown University found that 87% of adults over 65 fill an average of 20 annual prescriptions.

That Georgetown report also highlighted many individuals stopped taking prescribed medications due to the rising costs. With older consumers paying for half of their medicine costs out of pocket, they couldn’t afford to continue the desired treatment regimen.

Memory continues to be the most frightening faculty to lose. Despite living to older ages, we’re constantly faced with love ones who no longer recognize our faces.

How Are You Going to Age?

The term “golden years” was coined for a reason. We’re meant to sail into the retirement age with flair, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and relish time with family. Instead, far too many of our family members spend their time constrained to prescriptions and wishing they could tap into the vigor from their younger years.

You don’t have to accept that same fate.

Take the proactive approach to ensuring your golden years do justice to the term by unlocking the science behind your genes. Regardless of if you are forty or sixty, you can start today to giving your body the tools it needs to age with flair.

Contact me today to schedule your Genetic Direction’s Renew test.




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