A more accurate way to determine your exercise intensity it through heart rate.

To determine your target heart rate, we must calculate your maximum heart rate. To do this, subtract your age from the number 220.

Here is an example using the age of 54:

This means if you are 54 years of age, your maximum heart rate is 166 beats per minute.

Once you have your maximum heart rate calculated, you can find your target heart rate for moderate activity, which is 60 to 70% of your maximum heart rate. To find this number, simply multiply your maximum heart rate by 0.60 or 0.70.

Example: Maximum Heart Rate X 0.60 = 166 X 0.60= 99

Maximum Heart Rate X 0.70 = 166 X 0.70= 116

For someone 54 years of age, your target heart range is 99-116 beats per minute to achieve moderately intense activity.Many smart devices are now capable of calculating your heart beats per minute.

Additionally, you can purchase a heart rate monitor to ensure you are hitting your target heart rate range.

Today’s challenge is to calculate your target heart rate range — bonus points for adding a heart rate monitoring device to your daily walking routine.

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