The world of nutrition can be overwhelming, with conflicting information about the best diets out there to achieve different goals. However, the fact is that different diets can be useful in different contexts, and there are people who benefit from all of them. Eating vegan can greatly increase the amount of antioxidants and minerals in the diet, while eating carnivore can help reduce inflammation and improve vitamin absorption. Low carb diets can help reduce inflammation as well as balance blood sugar, while adding carbs back in may be helpful for those with low adrenal function.

However, the final destination for most people should be finding moderation and balance when it comes to diet. No two people will thrive on the same diet, as we all have unique needs based on our background, stress levels, environment, and more. Almost all diets can work for a period of time, but at some point we need to break away from dietary restrictions and rules to truly find what makes us feel our best and function optimally. 

Rather than focusing on the fine details of total carbs per day or high fat versus low fat, it’s important to care about the bigger picture items such as the state of our gut, overall stress levels, and our relationship with food. It’s also important to prioritize protein in meals and listen to our hunger cues, eating when we are hungry but not necessarily following strict meal times.

At the end of the day, the optimal diet will look different for everyone, and it’s important to unplug and tune in to yourself to see what truly makes you feel good. Finding inspiration from others can be great, but ultimately our taste buds, locally grown foods, and hunger levels need to be our own inspiration.

Call to schedule a consultation. My work emphasizes education to get away from dietary dogma, encourages food awareness over fear and recognizes that everyone is at a different point in their journey with unique needs. So, rather than getting lost in the noise of conflicting information, focus on finding your own balance and what truly makes you feel your best.

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