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Now we have unique insights to build customized diets that actually achieve sustainable results!
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No two individuals are the same. Each of us has our own unique genetic code. While we have known this for years as it applies to specific conditions, genetic testing is now the key for obtaining and maintaining optimal weight and establishing a healthy relationship with food and exercise once and for all.

Sally endorses the Atkins diet. Melissa advocates for early morning running. Sam swears off carbs completely, convinced each time she looks at a baguette she gains five pounds. Then there’s Jen who seems to only eat carbs while maintaining her perfect figure. A quick jaunt down the diet section of the bookstore produces at least a dozen more methodologies, all with stunning reviews.

Whereas you’ve tried them all, and you’re constantly losing and gaining the same 15 pounds with each trend that hits the market.

Bottom line: people respond differently to various foods and types of exercise.

The difference today is that we have breakthroughs in DNA testing that go beyond stating the obvious fact that we are all different. Now we have unique insights to build customized diets that actually achieve sustainable results.

If you feel that there’s a missing piece in your quest to reach and maintain a healthy weight, then genetic testing is for you. By pinpointing how our genetic makeup influences nutrient utilization and responds to exercise, we can alter our habits to match what we were genetically preconditioned for.

No more fad diets. Now you can design a plan specifically equipped to maximize your body’s genetic makeup.


Now Offering Genetic Testing for Weight Loss

I am thrilled to be partnering with Genetic Direction to add genetic testing to my tool kit. This will help countless individuals currently feeling stuck with their health breakthrough to achieving real results.

My enthusiasm doesn’t stop with clients. I jumped right in, taking the test a few weeks ago. I look forward to sharing my personal findings next month.

If you’re ready to take the plunge to a more comprehensive view of your unique health, schedule an appointment today.


What is Genetic Testing?

If you haven’t heard about genetic testing, don’t worry. Until recently, the application has been primarily directed at identifying medical conditions and

diseases. In a nutshell, genetic testing is analyzing a person’s genes to determine a spectrum of different information, including:

  • Response to medicine;
  • Disease diagnosis;
  • Marker genes;
  • Fat, protein, carbohydrate, and nutrient utilization;
  • And more.

The insights have been profound, drastically improving our approach to health, nutrition, and medicine. Realizing the incredible opportunity for working toward preventative health and optimal wellbeing, genetic testing has recently been making its debut in the mainstream health arena. By analyzing how the genes influence nutrient assimilation, dictate the body’s utilization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and the body’s response to specific types of exercise, we can now put together comprehensive nutritional and exercise plans tailored for each individual.

While the technology is very robust, the process is very simple. You make an appointment to get a cheek swab. I send off the sample to the lab. Here’s where it all begins. Genetic Direction analyzes your DNA giving you a detailed custom report.

By working with me, you get a unique experience. I will help you understand the report and explain to you how to work with your genes and not against them. The importance of working with a nutritionist like myself is that I take into account pre-existing conditions (for example diabetes, high cholesterol, gluten intolerance, etc.) and diet history. The genetic testing is an important piece of the puzzle, you current state of health is another one, your medical history is yet another piece. When you work with me, I put them all together to create a comprehensive plan for you.


Unique Advantages

Losing weight isn’t complicated. Almost anyone will see initial results with a calorie restrictive diet. This fact helps fuel the consistent publishing of fad diet books. Regardless of ideology, people lose weight when they cut calories.

The real challenge is maintaining your desired weight. It’s why many struggle with yo-yo dieting.

Aligning your health practices with your genetic makeup will create results that are sustainable in the long run. Once you know how you body responds to cardiovascular exercise, for example, you will be able to maximize your time at the gym. You might be spending most of your time on the elliptical when your body is designed to lose weight in response to strength training.

You’re going to learn how your body utilizes fats, proteins and carbohydrates. You will also learn if you have a genetic tendency towards needing more of certain specific vitamins.

Genetic testing truly is the answer to never dieting again.


Recipe for Ultimate Health

Capturing the true essence of health goes beyond “weight loss.” It’s a balance between maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, rest, and nourishing the body. When you take this comprehensive approach to your wellbeing, you fuel your ability to achieve optimal health.

At the end of the day, that is the most important element to strive for.

While maintaining a healthy weight is important, a broader approach to wellness leads to higher quality of life, longevity, stronger immune system, and higher energy levels. Genetic testing is one key element to building your customized approach to optimal health.

If you’re ready to unlock the health secrets in your genes, contact me today! Together we can get you on the road to losing weight, increasing your energy, and improving your quality of life.

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